How can I receive the funds from a reverse mortgage?

You have a number of choices for how you receive your funds:

  • Lump sum
  • Monthly advances (either for a fixed length of time, or as long as you live in the home)
  • Line of credit (take funds when you need them) — this has become the most popular option
  • Or a combination of the above

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Larry Explained Everything Larry did a great job of explaining and guiding us through a reverse mortgage. Much more complicated than we had thought. You need a lot of help and Larry was there to provide it.    

Alan & Donna C — Mar 23, 2020

Larry Did a Great Job I originally began dealing with a different national lender but was uncomfortable with their rep and the answers he was giving me. I found Larry McAnarney’s name after a search on the web and called his cell on a weekend. He answered and told me about his company, his personal credentials and experience and impressed me at the outset with a patient and caring manner. He had no hesitancy about going to bat on my behalf with his underwriters and that in particular smoothed and expedited the process. I unequivocally recommend Larry McAnarney to anyone considering a reverse mortgage    

Jeffrey L — Dec 2, 2020

Professionalism & Cordiality Larry deserves 5 stars! Larry handled and explained the reverse mortgage questions promptly from the beginning with professionalism and cordiality. He was very thorough in the coverage of reverse mortgage issues and explained them with clarity and patience. We have relied on his feedback and documentation in order to make decisions.

George & Violet M — Apr 13, 2017

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