Are interest rates fixed or variable?

Reverse mortgages are available with either fixed or variable rates. Borrowers who elect a fixed-rate loan will receive their funds as a single disbursement lump sum. A lump sum disbursement is also available with an adjustable rate. A line of credit and monthly advances have an adjustable rate.


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Larry Worked Very Hard Larry went the extra mile in getting the loan to go through, and although I am in a better situation than before, the process did not end up creating what I needed it to create, but I am grateful for the fact that things are better. This was still the road I needed to take, and Larry worked very hard to make it happen. .

Lita T — Aug 21, 2023

Great Service-Detailed Information Larry provided a great service and detailed information .

Terry G — Oct 16, 2023

Smooth Closing No rework, smooth closing. We were very happy. .

Stew & Susan C — Mar 22, 2023

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